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Stay Classy, San Diego

By Stephen Wyer

Welcome to "Stay Classy San Diego," the podcast that keeps you informed and engaged with the latest news and trending events in the San Diego region. Join us on a weekly exploration as we sit down with prominent political figures, insightful analysts, industry professionals, and influential community members. Our discussions encompass a wide spectrum of topics, from pressing issues to noteworthy developments shaping the landscape of San Diego.

Stay Classy San Diego was launched by freelance journalist Steve Wyer, who has worked with The Coast News and The North Coast Current locally, among other newspapers. Stay Classy San Diego has evolved to embrace a broader perspective, offering a space for open conversations that transcend the ordinary. Steve adeptly guides the discourse, fostering a balanced and impartial environment while delving into viewpoints that may challenge conventions.

The views expressed in the podcast are those of the guests themselves and do not necessarily reflect the views of Steve or of The Coast News. Guests on the program are expected to abide by the following ground rules:

1) No personal attacks, ad hominems, or insults of any kind towards other guests on the podcast are allowed.

2) Guests are expected to treat each other at all times in a courteous, respectful, and upstanding manner. Inappropriate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated, and the host reserves the right to ask individuals who fail to adhere to these standards to leave the studio.

3) Anything said on the podcast is fair for publicization; that is we will not retroactively edit the podcast on request to remove any statements that were made. Once something is said, it is said, and it is 100% up to our discretion (the hosts) as to how we choose to edit and publish podcast episodes. We also reserve the right not to publish content, again at our discretion.

4) Guests are expected to stay on topic, be truthful, and be fully transparent in their answers.

5) Guests are expected to wait their turn to speak as called upon by the moderator and to not interrupt other guests during the conversation. Cell phones and other potential sources of disruption should be silenced before the start of the podcast. 6) Any question, within the standards of basic propriety, is fair game to be asked by the host.

7) The host retains the right to end the discussion at any time.

8) Guests will not be given questions in advance of the podcast recording and should come prepared to speak on any relevant topic.


The podcast is in partnership with The Coast News and is currently sponsored by Max Lux Media, an Encinitas-based production entity.​

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