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Chasing Dreams in Retirement with Corey Liuget

Updated: Apr 17

Longtime Chargers defensive tackle Corey Liuget comes into the studio to talk about the work he's been doing at all levels of youth sports in retirement, why he's so passionate about expanding access to drug addiction treatment centers in San Diego, and how he's taken on a role as a leader in his own community since hanging up his cleats. The former Chargers Defensive Player of the Year also gives his thoughts on the current state of the NFL, some of his favorite memories from his playing years, and what drove him from a humble background in the projects of Miami to the pinnacle of success both on and off the football field in San Diego. The full episode is available to listen through our site (Podcast tab), Spotify, and Apple Podcast. Click the links below to take a listen!

Liuget has co-founded House of Pancakes Academy for kids' football, Del Mar NFL, and NFL Air Attack for girls flag football. He's also a supporter of the McAlister Institute for drug addiction treatment.

Make sure to check out the sites for these organizations as well:

House of Pancakes Academy -

Del Mar NFL -

McAlister Institute - www.

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